The Verifast connection page can be integrated into your application in 2 ways. To see the documentation on how to create a connection Click Here

Dedicated New Tab

This is used when you want to send your verification customer to a new page to have them complete all verification and redirect the user back to your application.


Used to keep applicants on your page and complete all verification steps.

Code Snippet

<iframe allow="camera" src="" title="rentmoola" id="iFrame" width="700px" height="800px">
<script>'message', e => {
            let iFrame = document.getElementById('iFrame');
   = e.origin
        window.addEventListener('message', e => {
   = e.origin
            if(e.origin === ""){

To ensure that mobile iframes work correctly, add the following code snippet in addition to the one above:

        id="iFrame" src="" height="700" width="100%" style="border:0px solid red; position: fixed;">


After Each Section of your verification app is complete you will be able to access the below javascript notifications.

{ "detail": "bank-verification-start" }

With values: