Returns the steps and status of applicant, as well as what verificaitons are completed.

guidApplicant session identifierguid


    "currentStatus": "complete",
    "currentStep": "complete",
    "bankConnect": 0,
    "bankApprovalStatus": "requires_review",
    "statementUpload": 0,
    "statementApproval": "n/a",
    "idConnect": 1,
    "idApprovalStatus": "verified",
    "incomeVerification": 0,
    "employmentConnect": 0,
    "lastActivity": "Status Webhook Sent",
    "lastActivityTimestamp": "2022-12-08 18:50:55"

Reponse Key

currentStatusOverall status of applicantcomplete, in progress,
currentStepApplicants current stepapp steps
bankConnectIf a bank connection was successfully established0(no),1(yes)
bankApprovalStatusIf applicants bank info is completerequires_review, verified
statementUploadIf bank statements were uploaded in place of a bank connection0(no),1(yes)
statementApprovalStatus of uploaded documentsrequires_review, approved
idConnectIf an ID verification was completed0(no),1(yes)
idApprovalStatusIf applicants ID info has no issuesrequires_review, verified, failed
incomeVerificationIf Income Source verification was completed0(no),1(yes)
employmentConnectIf an Employment verification was completed0(no),1(yes)
lastActivitylast line in logging activitystring
lastActivityTimestamptimestamp in last activitystring