Generate a temporary report that can be accessed via a link without any required authorization. Can be customized with what sections appear. You can use this call to generate a unique report URL that can be embedded in your application.

The generated report is for the applicant guid provided. However, if householdView is enabled, it will default to the Household page, with navigation links for all other members of the household.


The generated report is only available for four (4) hours before expiry

guidApplicant session identifierguid
photoIDDisplays applicant's identification photo

If photoID or photoSelfie is enabled, no other sections will appear.
photoSelfieDisplays applicant's selfie photo

If photoID or photoSelfie is enabled, no other sections will appear.
householdViewEnables household view0(no),1(yes)
approvalCenterApproval center with scoring0(no),1(yes)
bankInfoBank information with balance and income graphs0(no),1(yes)
applicantIdentityID verification section0(no),1(yes)
employmentInfoEmployment verification section0(no),1(yes)
preQuestionsPre-qual and custom questions and applicant answers section0(no),1(yes)
debtAnalysisDebts and repayments0(no),1(yes)
insightsMetricsUseful datapoints and aggregates0(no),1(yes)
transactionDetailsCategorized and filterable list of all applicants transactions0(no),1(yes)
financialAnalysisTransaction module for brokers/underwriters0(no),1(yes)
activityMessaginglogging and internal data0(no),1(yes)
reportSummaryKey data points to appear at top of report0(no),1(yes)
creditCheckCredit check information section0(no),1(yes)
incomeSourceIncome source module section0(no),1(yes)
householdViewWhen on, generates a household temp report of all members of the households0(no),1(yes)


    "url": ""