Generate a unique guid, which is tied to a verification session. Is also used as the identfier for the session.

applicationidThe applications identification tokenstring
firstnameApplicant's first namestring
lastnameApplicant's last namestring
emailApplicant's emailstring
externalidThe application's external identification codestring
tagThe application's tagstring
secondinvite0(no), 1(yes)
iframe0(no), 1(yes)
countryApplicant's country of residenceUS, CA
stateStates for tax purposesstate code
override_bank_verify_enabledEnable bank verification0(no), 1(yes)
override_id_verify_enabledEnable ID verification0(no), 1(yes)
override_employee_verify_enabledEnable employee verification0(no), 1(yes)
override_credit_verify_enabledEnable credit verification0(no), 1(yes)
manual_uploadEnable manual document upload0(no), 1(yes)
required_supervisorMake at least one contact option for supervisor inside the income source module a required field0(no), 1(yes)
required_start_dateMake the start date inside the income source module a required field0(no), 1(yes)


    "applicant_email": "[email protected]",
    "request_guid": "FvGUjK5mficxzzFcOi4GJ7dYc9QPot9g5VdXKV7IP66r6SrcNzTrItWvvXvr",
    "form_url": "",
    "status": "sent",
    "message": ""