Instructions on how to generate a viewable report without authentication requirements


You can use this call to generate a unique report URL that can be embedded in your application, with an availability of 1 hour. It is recommended that each time you want to expose the guid to the user, to generate a new link.


Authorization'Authorization: Bearer [org token]'Authorization: Bearer P7OzXBhioVC9Kndnib2PB7CvjD7nWTYdnHspEM2ofqIbZIneHHqx9IyOCFoU
guid'guid=[application token]'guid=hpoPQdoWb1BjZW6lCDtgJakMIDZcAKxhABQdYVzqWPIMjxEtQqtKrBw5izza
curl --location --request POST 'rentify.test/api/v1/getTempUrl' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer P7OzXBhioVC9Kndnib2PB7CvjD7nWTYdnHspEM2ofqIbZIneHHqx9IyOCFoU' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
--data-urlencode 'guid=hpoPQdoWb1BjZW6lCDtgJakMIDZcAKxhABQdYVzqWPIMjxEtQqtKrBw5izza'

The values noted here are all placeholders.

Once request is sent, report is generated, available at this URL sent through the response:

    "url": ""

The value noted here is only for example


The generated report is only available for One(1) hour before expiry

The URL will lead to a captcha, which once solved will show the report